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Minimalist-Style Demo of Running Neural Networks in Web Browser

This demo shows how to run a pre-trained neural networks in web-browser. The user would first download the pre-trained style transfer model to local by opening up the webpage. Then everything will get processed locally without accessing any remote resource. The user can then open-up a picture from their hard drive and click "run" to

How to contact USCIS and what to expect

For any foreigner in the US, when it comes to immigration related issues, there are always a lot of stories to tell. My recent story is about renewing my EAD (work authorization in the US) card. After I sent out my renewal application, I have tried multiple methods to contact USCIS and would like share

Build a Robot From A Power Wheelchair (1/2)

I have been working on a robotic project for a while. In this project, we build a robotic wheelchair controlled by head motions. It starts from a commercial powered wheelchair (Titan Front Wheel Drive Power Chair). We took over the control signals, added a number of sensors and wrote some computer vision softwares. It is