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Linux Tips (1)


1. bash下,x{a,b}会被展开为xa xb,很适合文件备份。

cp /a/long/long/long/path/to/file/a.txt{,bak}

2. vim下,要把某些内容替换成为行号,可以用\=line(“.”)来处理。“.”用来连接行号和其它内容。

:%s/xxxx/\=line(".") . " "/g

3. bash脚本下,如果要写多行到文件里,可以用

cat > file << EOF
file content line 1
file content line 2
file content line 3
file content line 4


4. Trap SIGINT的时候记得要处理SIGINT信号。

#! /bin/bash

trap "echo 'hello'; exit 1" SIGINT SIGTERM

while [ 1=1 ];
    sleep 1

exit 1这部分是必须的,否则虽然按下Ctrl + C的时候会显示hello,但是脚本不会被终止。

Setup dropbox without X

Assume you are accessing your server remotely through SSH.

1. Download the package, say you are using Ubuntu

$wget https://www.dropbox.com/download?dl=packages/ubuntu/dropbox_1.4.0_amd64.deb

2. Install the package

$sudo dpkg -i *dropbox_1.4.0_amd64.deb

3. Start Dropbox

$dropbox start

4. You will get an url to link your computer here, copy-and-paste into your web-browser. Restart your dropbox, all set :]

$dropbox stop
$dropbox start

I tried to open the url with w3m or lynx inside the terminal but failed.
It seems they don’t support Javascript well.

tail -n

Quite useful trick, when you want to get rid of the first certain lines of the output/file.

$tail -n +2

tail prints out the result starts from the 2nd line.

When you use the “find” command to generate a file list under certain folder, this is quite easy to eliminate the folder path at the beginning of the output.

Learned this from SO How can I remove the first line of a text file using bash/sed script?